Build Your Future on the Lianja Low-Code Cloud Apps Platform

Lianja Apps Cloud is a High Productivity No-Code and Low-Code Custom App Development and Deployment Platform for Citizen Developers and Professional Developers alike.

Modernize Your Applications and Transform Your Business

Focus on developing and deploying custom line of business (LOB) Apps without the need to invest in lengthy
application development times and an expensive IT infrastructure.

Visually build and deploy Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are a modern way to deliver user experiences on Desktop browsers, Tablets and Phones 
that rival native apps without the cost and restrictions.

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

Apps run on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android
✓ Single Code Base For All Platforms
✓ No App Store submission required
✓ 'Instant' Install and updating
✓ Avoid App Store Sales Tax

The #1 business Apps platform for SMB/SMEs

High performance and scaleable. Lianja Apps Cloud trumps the cost and productivity of competing products.

Empowering Citizen Developers

A citizen developer is a non-professional developer who builds Apps for use by themselves or other people.
The Lianja No-Code App Builder provides a user-friendly interface through which anybody, even those with a non-IT background can build Apps without writing any code. Lianja empowers citizen developers with everything they need to accelerate digital transformation in their companies by leveraging Lianja’s innovative No-Code™ easy-to-understand development methodology for creating custom Apps visually and declaratively.
You can learn all about Lianja No-Code here.

Embracing Indie App Developers

Build custom Web and Mobile Apps quickly and cost effectively with minimal monthly outlay.
Provide your custom Apps to
customers worldwide in their native language. 
High Productivity Drag'n Drop Visual App Development.

Supports LianjaScript/Visual FoxPro, Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript.
Supports customer specific database tenancies. 
One-Click deployment into the Lianja Apps Cloud.
You can learn all about Lianja Low-Code here.

From Low-Code to Cloud

Your journey into the Cloud simplified in three steps.

Visually develop professional-quality business database Apps regardless of your development skills on Windows, Linux and Mac using the Lianja Cloud App Builder.
One click deployment of Progressive Web Apps. Run your Apps in a desktop web browser, phone or tablet without code changes.

Share your Apps and Data securely with others in your company, business or team using user specific Roles and Permissions.


Build and Deploy Better Business Apps. Faster. Secure. Scaleable.

Develop on Windows, MacOS or Linux

Develop your Apps visually on any platform using the Lianja Cloud No-Code/Low-Code App Builder. Low-code is a software development methodology used to build and deploy modern Apps that have a consistent user interface (UI) in a fraction of the time of using traditional development tools. 

One Click Deployment

Save time by testing locally then deploying your Apps into the Lianja Cloud.

Consistent User Experience

Reduce end-user training requirements. After users authenticate, the Apps they have permission to run are grouped together in the Lianja App Center where they can be launched with a single touch or click.

Built-in Automatic Language Translation

Develop in your own native language. Users run Apps localized in their native language. Develop in English for a worldwide audience.

Lightning Fast Integrated Database

No additional installation required. Effortless performance. No additional costs.

Built-in Data Integration

Integrate external data from MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, REST, JSON, ODBC into your Apps.

AWS multi-tenant architecture

Containerized AWS infrastructure leads to lower costs. Reduces ongoing maintenance and simplifies updates.

Fine grained security using roles and permissions

Control access to Apps and what can be seen and done in them based on the roles given to users. Row level security and Dynamic Data Masks restrict access to data without coding. 

Built-in data forensics

Database timelines provide row versioning for database tables for all CRUD (Create Read Update and Delete) operations performed on data. 

Automatic backups

Your data is automatically backed up and versioned providing you with one click recovery to any point in time.



Developer For Indie Developers
Server I
20 GB Disk space 
Max 10 Concurrent Users
Unlimited Named Users
Includes Cloud App Builder
Includes Cloud Server
Standard Support
Unlimited Apps

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Small For Small Businesses
Server I
250 GB Disk space 
Max 100 Concurrent Users
Unlimited Named Users
Includes Cloud App Builder
Includes Cloud Server
Premium Support
Unlimited Apps

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Medium For Medium sized Businesses
Server II
500 GB Disk space
Max 200 Concurrent Users
Unlimited Named Users
Includes Cloud App Builder
Includes Cloud Server
Premium Support
Unlimited Apps

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Large For Large Businesses
Server III
Custom configuration


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