Deploying your Apps securely into the Lianja Cloud is quick and easy.
The Lianja App Builder Cloud Edition is included with Lianja Cloud subscriptions. You do not need to purchase this separately. Once you have purchased a Lianja Cloud subscription, you will be emailed a "Subscriber ID".
Download the Lianja App Builder Cloud Edition for your preferred operating system from here. Use your subscriber ID to activate the Lianja App Builder that you have downloaded.
The Lianja App Builder Cloud Edition makes it easy to quickly create professional-quality business Apps for Cloud and Mobile devices on Windows, Linux and MacOS with No-Code or Low-Code. 
Learn about the power of Lianja No-Code and Low-Code development here.

In addition to being a complete IDE for visually developing Web and Mobile Apps, Lianja App Builder provides one click deployment of Progressive Web Apps directly into Lianja Cloud. 

To simplify deployment Lianja incorporates a "Package Manager".

You create "Packages" in the "Deploy" workspace.

You "Add Files" to a package by selecting a "Deployment Target" then click the "Add Files" button. (see below).

You choose what you want to include in the package by selecting files from the "Deployment Files" selection tree.

Click the "Build" button to build a package.

You can upload packages to a "Deployment Target" by clicking the "Deploy" button (see below). 

You can optionally create packages and upload them into Lianja Cloud using the Lianja Admin Console. This is the recommended method.

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